Kehri Singh is a poor farmer, who buries his new born girl child while she was still alive, because he believes that girls bring nothing but misfortune. However, over the course of time even the birth of two sons isn’t enough to change his fortunes for the better. Desperate, he then turns to a traveling godman who tells him that the only way out for him is to adopt a girl child. A baby girl is brought home, whom he names Preet (meaning love), and assuredly, Kehri Singh's fortunes turn. From being a nobody, he becomes the feared face of modern Gurgaon, a city of concrete and steel, a city nicknamed the millennium city.

For the next two decades, Kehri Singh runs all his businesses in Preet's name, thereby ensuring that his luck never deserts him again. Nikki Singh, his eldest son finds himself openly rejected, humiliated and constantly sidelined by his own father, who sees him as good for nothing, who fails at everything he touches, loses money and only brings bad luck. In Gurgaon, where being the oldest male child should have automatically guaranteed him a seat at his father's favoured table, Nikki Singh, finds Preet occupying that very space, which he believes can only belong to him.

Hatred sets in. Nikki Singh then, uses the debt he owes to a local bookie, as an excuse to set off a chilling chain of events, that unwittingly force his cold-blooded father to confront his buried past.


Gurgaon is a film about the existential isolation of the human condition with modernity. As civilizations advance, comes free will. More freedom than ever before, yet, how do we put aside the conditions of one’s birth, the role of social class, money and race in a land where the roots of ignorance go deep into the ground. This newfound freedom coming from modernity often leads to social fragmentation that disintegrates first the community, then the family and ultimately our sense of humanity. If all moral codes are seen to be conventional and hence optional then we lose the very ability to be human. It is a cautionary tale about actions and reactions, reminding us that everything we do has consequences that cannot be avoided, no matter how hard we try to hide from them.

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