Written and Directed by Sabal Singh Shekhawat, 'Fireflies' is the story of two estranged brothers - Shiv and Rana.

Shiv, a successful banker, lives in the superficial glitter of corporate Bombay. The younger brother, Rana, is a law school dropout who lives by the day.

Though worldly experiences and illusions briefly illuminate the brothers' journeys, a tragedy that befell them fifteen years earlier seems destined to repeat itself, just in new incarnations.

Flames suddenly extinguish again, in an eerie heartbeat.

The journey ahead echoing with voices, visions and the magic realism of the years gone by, beckons the brothers. Only if they can find each other again can they piece together the picture in the puzzle that was scattered so long ago.

Fireflies come out in the night, just to light up the darkness. They live as long as the glow lasts. 

Even if it is a lifetime, being lived in a day.

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